How to connect Google Analytics to Jimdo

written by Website Flight on 2017-10-31

Although Jimdo provides a basic statistics view in it's Pro package, as you become more adept or if you have several websites to manage, the next step for many website owners is to connect Google Analytics properly.

Get your Google Analytics ID:

Log into your Google Analytics a/c to get your Google Analytics ID, it will look similar to the following:

If you don't already have a Google Analytics a/c, you first need to create it, as follows.

Signup to Google Analytcs (new users)

Navigate to and click "Signup"

Google Analytics Signup

If you're new, you'll be redirected to the following screen, if you already have a GA account, select the "New Account" option from the Account List.

Create a Google Analytics Account for your Website

Fill out all of the required fields and press "Get Tracking ID" to submit the form.

Google Analytics Signup

Then you'll see a screen like this:

Jimdo Settings

Note: The UA-XXXX bit is your Google Analytics ID.

Copy the contents of that Javascript snippet (ctrl+c, or cmd+c on a Mac).

Adding the Tracking Code to Jimdo

  • Log into your Jimdo Creator website.
  • Once you're logged in, open the menu (left side of the screen), click "Settings" -> "Edit Head"

Jimdo Settings

  • Paste in the GA Snippet into the text box labelled on the "Edit Head" screen.
  • Press "Save"


You've connected Google Analytics with your Jimdo website, achievement unlocked!